No School - Thursday, May 15, 2019 due to a power outage

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, 

Below are the required assignments for each class. Students are to work on the following assignments for their designated classes on Thursday. 

5th Period Bible 10:
Watch this video ( and write a paragraph response on it. What stood out to you? What do you agreed with? Disagree with? What was new information to you? What was not new information to you? Your overall thoughts? Due Friday May 17th. 

7th Period Bible 11:
“What Does the Bible Say About Prophets?” Packet. Due Friday May 17th. (Packet already handed out to the 7th period Juniors). 

Computer Applications:
Students are to make a slideshow using Google Slides that explains the importance of accountability and responsibility in fulfilling personal, community and workplace roles. Students will use the Principles of Design to show personal style and advanced proficiency in slideshow design. Please follow copyright rules. Use Speaker Notes available in Google Slides to share the information that will be said in presentations, but will not be typed on the slide.