High School Admissions

High School Students

 In Scholarship, in physical development, in creating beauty through music and art, and in all else, strive to be excellent, for in doing so, we honor God.

     Currently, we are using paper applications and enrollment forms for all students. The online application system will soon be an option. For now, however, the downloadable forms are listed on our website. The downloadable forms have the paperwork needed for local students, international students, and returning students. Please print the appropriate form and use the checklist provided in the application file to begin the process. Once you have completed this, please bring the application to the front office where we can begin the acceptance process.

STEP I Submit Registration Forms
 Application / Emergency Information / Authorized Release Form and Consent To Treatment Form
 Student Medical Record (Physical Exam)
 Personal Immunization record with the required California immunizations
 Photographic Model Release
 Letter from Church Pastor or Clerk – Proof of church membership (SDA students only)
 Official Transcript (in sealed envelope)

STEP II Business Office
 Pay $25.00 one-time non-refundable fee
 Pay $350.00 non-refundable yearly registration fee
 Pay tuition and other fees
 Turn in signed Financial Agreement

STEP III Registrar’s Office
 Academic Counseling/Class Schedule with the Vice Principal/Registrar
 Book List
 Student Handbook

STEP IV Purchase Uniform from SGA Uniform Store

STEP V Locker Reservation